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Custom Handcarved Stamps from Your own design

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My handcarved custom stamps start with a simple piece of high quality stamp material (a little like a cross between an eraser and traditional lino, but somehow extra squishy and durable at the same time!), a selection of gouge carving tools and a lot of patience.

Every single stamp I make is carved by my own two hands, I LOVE a challenge so I can carve even the smallest and most fiddly designs that even some lazer machine stamp makers might turn down.

The stamps are mounted on handcut and sanded plywood stamped with your unique design for easy placement eachtime, I flat mount my stamps without a traditional handle as the squishier material I use means you need to apply less force than other rubber stamps carved with a lazer.

You can use your custom handcarved stamps on paper, card, cardboard (even corrugated cardboard!) fabric, cork, wood and so many more flat surfaces, I have a stock of my favourite Versafine black inkpads which are perfect for paper and card and I recommend Verscraft for fabric and wood applications, for more detailed information on the perfect ink for your job please see my Stamping and Ink Tips page.


- Please choose your size of your desired stamp from the drop down menu, I have included as many sizes as possible to cover a wide variety of sizes and formats for your needs, please check carefully which size you need. Please measure your logo to its full extent as if it were in a square or rectangle.

***If you need help to decide what size is best for your business or crafting project.  Please see my technical specifications page for more information.****

-Check out your order and please email your stamp design/logo to including the name on your order and delivery address so I can find your image to go alongside your order.

-I send all custom stamps via 2nd class 48hr Tracked (not signed) delivery costing £3.60 per order.

-I will email you if there are any problems with your design or logo and if necessary I can amend your order to reflect any changes we need to make.

***Please allow 2-3 weeks for your custom stamp to be handcarved, mounted and dispatched *** At this stage I am unable to take any rush orders and if there are any unexpected delays I will contact you as soon as possible to advise.

If you would like a quote for something outside of these specifications or a special project that you have in mind, please get in touch and I'll aim to get back to you as soon as possible, please note I currently have a waiting list for more custom work, so your patience is very much appreciated!


To produce your stamp to the best quality I will need the following, Please see my technical specifications page for more information:

- A high quality, black and white image with no greyscale or coloured elements. For example, you logo will need to be a single colour image on a contrasting background, not a photograph with lots of colours or shades of colour.

- An image or logo that you have full permission to use, reproduce and where applicable sell. I cannot accept trademarked or copy written images that you do not hold the correct license or permission to use.

- Details to be kept to a minimum of 1mm at the desired size, for example, I will need to trace your stamp image/logo with a pencil, if your details are too small to trace elements of your design will need to be simplified.

- Text to be a minimum of 3mm tall and with a gap between each letter of 2mm. This tends to be a text size of 6-8pt, as with image details I will need to be able to trace this with a sharp pencil.


I am always delighted to design something completely unique for you, for a custom stamp, digital application or print projects, I have worked as a graphic designer, book designer and illustrator for over a decade and have been lucky to work with some incredible clients on a wide variety of projects and applications so I'm open to all design projects big or small! 

If you would like me to design you a logo, stamp design or illustration, book, product or anything else for your business, crafting project or wedding, please get in touch with me via Instagram or email.

Please note that during the next year or so (July 2021 onwards) I will only be taking on a smaller amount of design clients as I adjust to my pregnancy and new addition. I reply to design requests on a first come first serve basis so you may join a waiting list, I aim to advise as best as I can in a timely manner.


I am only accepting a certain number of orders per month/week, if this listing is currently shown as 'Sold out' please check back in a week or so, as I clear my carving list I will add more availability to the website.


Please click here to add a black ink pad to your order. Or see my Stamping tricks and tips page for recommendations for alternative inks  for different surfaces and colours.