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Bee and Blossom

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This sweet little mini print features a pair of honey bees swarming to enjoy the nectar of the blossom on our apple trees at our woodland orchard here in North Cornwall. Each spring the air is thick with buzzing and each autumn we are rewarded again for the bees hard work with more apples than any family can eat, which of course we share far and wide to anyone who’d like them. 

This original handcarved wooden block was originally created as part of a series to illustrate a book for the ever wonderful, David Cadman who I have had the pleasure of working with on his many books over the last 8 years, with his kind blessing I have printed this block for all to enjoy. 

Printed on almost transparent, extremely delicate handmade Nepalese Lakota paper in a rich burgandy wine coloured ink, measuring 13x13 with delicate torn edges. 

Due to the hand printing process and handmade paper this print may have minor variations which only add to the uniqueness of the work.