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Where can I find shipping and returns info?

Click here!

Do you take commissions? 
Yes! Im always happy to chat ideas and projects, I may not be able to take on some projects based on time constraints but I’m open to ideas. I prefer to work within my current style ad medium (intricate nature based work and printmaking) but I can work digitally for the right project

Do you still make stamps? 
Afraid not! I LOVED making stamps and am so proud of each one I made and honoured I still get asked but I promised myself I would allow myself to try and make it as an artist making my own work for at least a year after I went back to work from having Ozzie. 

Do you run sales/discounts? 
Not often… I try and price my work reasonably so that most people can support my work in some way if they wish, but that does mean there isn’t much room for further discounts. However once a year or so I do run a sample sale selling tests, seconds and products that either I only made a few of or didn’t add to the shop for some reason! Keep an eye out on Instagram or my newsletter for details of this. 

Can I find out more about your work? 
Yes! I overshare EVERYTHING (warning, I talk about my kids a lot!) on Instagram, come on over, it’s sometimes interesting, sometimes silly and often a bit boring! 

Are you the artist that also has a woodland? 
Yes, my husband and I manage a 28 acre woodland 4 miles from our house in North Cornwall. Sam has a full time personal training business and gym in the woods and we rent the spaces for events, weddings and functions and we also manage the timber for lumber sales, make incredible charcoal and our 6 year old even has her own business making artists charcoal! 

Do you teach printmaking? 
I have…. But I don’t right now, but I would LOVE to again, once Ozzie is a little bigger I want to host workshops in my little studio, super intimate groups of 4-6 people, coffee, cake, the works and one day… I want to teach printmaking in the woods too! Watch this space! 

Why nature? 
I’m not outdoorsy, I’m not a keen gardener, animals aren’t really my thing…(apart from our chickens, ducks and tortoises… and the several hundred animals on my parents organic farm…)  yet the 8th generation farmer in me, sees plants and space and nature and it just gets me in a different way to anything else. Have you every REALLY looked at a daisy/clover/grass… they are incredible feats of design… how the stem so connect, how the veins join the leaves, how they turn to face the sun, how the welcome bees… once I see something that special I just want to draw it.. and here we are! 

Are you environmentally friendly?
Yes! I don’t use any plastic for my packaging (about 5 years ago you couldn’t get biodegradable ‘plastic’ film to protect cards and prints, so I am still using up some plastics but I’m now at the very end of the box so 80% of my new work is protected in bio film!), I use recycled, handmade and small batch papers, i buy as many of my supplies from small local companies and real humans as I can, the inks I use are vegetable oil based so can be saftely washed up with soap and water and I refuse to create waste, so I use up every single scrap of paper, lino and card I buy! 

Are you vegan friendly? 
No, but I would take a considered bet that the vast majority of my printmaking equipment and sundries do not contain animal products, but I don’t want to say I’ve checked them all. 

Can I ask how you make things/where you buy things? 
yes… and no! I’m so happy to share supply tips, carving tips and get super geeky about my process, I share almost everything on Instagram anyway… but occasionally I keep my cards to key chest to protect my intellectual property and  time resources spent working things out the long hard way! 

Are you a total control freak and over thinking crazy lady who wrote these FAQs knowing almost nobody will need or read them? 
Yes, yes I am. Join the club we’re all crazy here.