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Eda’s Artist Charcoal

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Well, I couldn’t be more proud of this product! 

My incredible 6 year old daughter with a little helps from us has been busy peeling, cutting and preparing lengths of willow to add to our charcoal kiln at our woodland*, she sorts the charcoal lengths, checks the quality and packs them up into even bundles of 12 with a mix of widths and even drew the logo and illustrations for the packaging too! 

I’ve said I will help her sell it on my shop, but she gets all the profits into her piggy bank and is currently on the way to saving up for a new scooter! 

This artist charcoal is perfect for sketching, life drawing, mark making and more, the highest quality and draws a dream, I bought some for myself too! It’s made by a child but it’s certainly the real deal! 

Eda even does a special Thankyou drawing with every order, you can see more of her making her artist charcoal on her Instagram page @edasartistscharcoal (run by us of course!) and if you have any art you’d like to share using her artist charcoal please tag or send it to us as we would love to show her and share it on her page (with your permission!).

*We make traditional BBQ charcoal in a ring kiln, which produces the most amazing, completely pure, clean, chemical free charcoal for the tastiest bbqs, and are so proud that chefs (both professional and home cooks) are now cooking delicious meals on our charcoal!