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Custom Stamp Technical Specifications

I need a few different things from your design to make sure I can produe the best possible stamp for you.


 Your image file needs to be of a good clear quality, preferably 300dpi, but if your not sure how to check that, something that doesn't appear blurry on a phone screen and prints from a regular printer without becoming blurry or pixelated should be just fine. If in doubt pop your order through and send it over and if I need a higher quality image I will contact you.



Your image or logo needs to be a black on white (or a dark colour on a light colour) with no background image, photography elements or grey (or second/third/fourth colours).

Please supply me with a simple, black and white or clearly defined image or EXACTLY what you'd like on your stamp. No photographic images, images with multiple colours, background of details you don't wish to include.

However (who doesn't like a good get out clause!) If you have a logo/design with a background or photographic elements BUT you only want the black (or another clearly definable) element, please send me the image with clear instructions. For example: Please only include the text in pink not the background image of a flower. 

If I need further guidance or your image wouldn't easily work as a stamp I will get in touch and we can work out a plan!











I can make any size stamp (depending on design!), but I don't recommend anything larger than 14cm as they become clumsy to use and often result in smudges and double printed images.

It can be tricky to work out what size you need, so don't worry if you are unsure.

First, think what your going to be stamping onto, boxes, envelopes, bags etc. Then lay them out, measure then and think what else needs to be on there, postage labels etc. Then see what space you have left and measure it to see what sort of size you have left, make sure to leave a little gap so things dont look too crowded, and leave a margin of at least 5mm on all sides when measuring the design if it needs to fit on a specific item like a business card.

Its often good to think about the smallest and largest thing you will print onto and go for a stamp that wont look too big or small on both. I print the design and cut around the edges and actually place it on to see what size might be best when I'm unsure!

Sometimes it works out that you need two sizes of the same design or slightly altered designs, thats no problem, just pop the various sizes into your cart and add a note with your email containing your design or at checkout.


Please measure the full extend of your logo as if it were in a square or rectangle to determine what size to order.











I love carving TINY details, so its not very often that I say I cant do something that small, it can be hard to determine what counts as TINY to me... but my rule of thumb is if I can draw it with a sharp or mechanical pencil, I can carve it. So have a look at your lines when they are at the size youd like it to be and if you can trace them with a pen/pencil it should be fi

This works out to be lines that are 0.5-1mm thick with spaces that are 1mm wide.

Text needs to be taller than around 2-3mm and have a gap of 1-2mm between each letter. This is usually a text point size 6-8.

If there are lines of text make sure there is at least 1mm gap between lines.

Text is fine to touch or cross into eachother if that's how its designed, like with handwriting fonts.

I've only turned away/asked to enlarge about 5 out of 200+ designs so chances are your design will be fine, so pop your stamp through the check out and send me the file and if there are any issues I will work it out with you.



I will not reproduce anyone's design or artwork without their consent, so please don't send me any designs that you don't own or have permission to use, this includes most artwork found on google and canva. Please check the permissions with the original artist.

If you have had a logo created by a designer for you, they should have discussed who owns the copyright and rights of usage, it is most likely you have permission to use it to use on websites/promotional material and a stamp would fall under these perimeters, but double check with your designer if your not 100% sure.