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Fennel at Sunset - Handpainted Original

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I’m so excited about this print!! It all started with a spark of joy at my parents farm last summer when the sun set behind their huge patch of fennel and I’ve been dreaming of capturing how it felt ever since! I tried a new technique, for me, using a pallet knife to apply the first layer of ink in a washy scrapey painty style and then this lovely big block for the final silhouette of statuesque fennels.

Handprinted on beautiful A3 bamboo paper with a hand torn edge, each print is completely unique as every one has a hand painted background and Handprinted second layer with my handcarved lino block. 

Your print will arrive carefully packaged in acid free tissue paper, rolled inside a rigid cardboard tube. No plastic here! 

Please carefully unroll your print and lay it to gently flatten on a flat, clean surface, if needed place the tissue paper on top and weight down with a few books over night. Avoid rolling in the opposite direction to flatten as I’ve found this a reliable way to get your print flat but dented, learnt that the hard way!