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Joys of Oak Farm

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I made this print to celebrate my parents 60th birthdays and the 30+ years they have dedicated to Organic farming. Their hard work, patience and exemplary kindness towards their animals, wildlife and the land has paid off in things richer than any gold, acres of certified species rich meadowlands, rich fertile herbal lays, towering oak trees, rare species of wild orchids, (over 300 last summer!) butterflies and the happiest, healthiest animals. 

My dad is also a talented photographer so I was able to use his beautiful images as reference to crest this print, featuring the ‘reason we bought this farm’ oak tree, and a selection of the best specimen wild flowers and grasses found in their meadows.

Handprinted simply with a wooden spoon and a lot of time, from my handcarved Lino block, which itself took 18 hours plus of carving. Printed in black ink onto handmade natural Nepalese Lakota paper, a fine, delicate paper with visible flecks, texture and fibres in a soft warm biscuit colour.

Each print measures 297x420mm (approximately) which is a standard A3, due to the nature of this handmade paper please allow a tolerance of 1-3cm. Your print will arrive unframed, I would recommend asking Your local framers for a quote on framing unique prints like these, I liketo have my prints framed on a floating mount to reveal the unique hand torn edges of the paper. 

Your print will arrive carefully packaged in acid free tissue paper, rolled inside a rigid cardboard tube. No plastic here! 

Please carefully unroll your print and lay it to gently flatten on a flat, clean surface, if needed place the tissue paper on top and weight down with a few books over night. Avoid rolling in the opposite direction to flatten as I’ve found this a reliable way to get your print flat but dented, learnt that the hard way!