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Mini Keyring Flower Presses

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These TINY keyring flower presses are not only functional but fit in any pocket, just big enough for a precious daisy or 4 leaf clover found on a walk or handed to you by a small human. Designed and produced and packaged by me in my North Cornwall studio.

Each press is carefully designed, cut out of sustainably sourced Plywood with minimal waste on my new laser cutter, handprinted with a delicate pattern of pressed flowers and leaves, carved with my own hands. Layered inside is 19 sheets of card and paper to create 6 layers of flower spaces to preserve precious tiny flowers wherever you are. Held together with TINY little bolts these are ready to join you on any adventure, big or small! 

Each press measured 52mmx35 mm with a standard size, silver coloured keychain attached. For reference this is around the size of a matchbox car, they really are dinky!

Please note due to small parts these should be used under supervision if children want to be involved. It is advised to stop somewhere on your adventure and open your press keeping your bolts somewhere safe whilst you pack in your findings.