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Sea Holly - Eryngium

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My aunt, I and the children planned a special day out to mark the start of the summer holiday, and I knew I was in for a treat when my aunt said ‘I need to show you a plant I know you will love’… I thought we were off for a hike to so,me unknown location off the best and track… but JUST next to the car park on the sand dunes in Bude… she pointed to the most delightful display of plants I’ve ever seen. A sea of bees swarmed over the spikes silvery blue leaves and the white veins danced in the summer sun, we stopped a while and enjoyed them and so this print and a new series of work came to my mind. 

This is the first in a series of prints featuring previously unnoticed plants, hidden in plain sight with beauty waiting to be captured! (I’ll think of a snappy title for this series on day) 

Handprinted from my handcarved Lino block in a soft silvery blue green on genuine wood free Japanese Ho-sho paper. Each print comes protected on a backing board in a plastic sleeve.

Please note that the use of plastic for the packaging of this print is only to use up the last of my supplies of packaging from when you really couldn’t get biodegradable film! I have already transitioned into biodegradable film and all packaging that is suitable for composting is clearly labelled. Please dispose of this plastic film at local recycling centres, co-ops and some supermarkets.